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Reliability of the production process with rapid quality check


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In the last years, many companies in the Meat manufacturing and the spice industry have expanded their complete quality monitoring on the receipt of delivered spice mixtures, additives and excipients. These inspections may be carried out on the basis of the already widespread in this industry near infrared spectroscopy (NIR).

For ease of implementation and evaluation of an analysis, several software packages have been included, which can be used in the operation also by persons who do not work daily with a PC.

With this system you get in a few seconds (max. 20) results. In this way you have an effective inspection of incoming goods, process and final products. The user is able to take corrective action, if necessary.

For the measurement, a corresponding portion of sample is filled into a sample cup, which is made of special glass, and placed on the turnstep.

In this case, the turnstep rotates continuously, so that a large amount of sample is measured.

The result can be evaluated using an existing software.

The principle of measurement is a reflection measurement, with halogen light irradiated on the sample and the light reflected is evaluated.

This equipment can be used as a Meat analyzer, a control of meat products is possible.


Because of the versatility of TQC analyzer it is possible to respond to any incorrect products and thus make production more reliable.