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Reliability of the production process with rapid quality check

The increasing demands in terms of quality and price-conscious production have also Meats Companies prompted to step up their controls in the field of quality assurance. In this context, the question arises whether a pure control of the final products, where intervention only in rare cases is possible, is still relevant. Therefore, it seems sensible to move the quality control at the goods receipt and the ongoing production. To realize this it is necessary to have a analytical rapid sample control

For ease of implementation and evaluation of an analysis, several software packages have been included, which can be used in the operation also by persons who do not deal regularly with a PC.

With this system, you have in a few seconds (max. 20) results. In this case, an effective inspection of incoming goods and process control is feasible. If necessary, the user is able to take corrective action.

For the measurement, an appropriate amount of sample will be homogenized in a special Blixer (optional). This mass is then spread into a sample cup, which is made of special glass and then placed on the turntable.

The turntable rotates continuously, so that a large amount of sample is measured.

The results (z. B.% water,% fat,% protein, etc.) are shown on the monitor.

A further evaluation, for example daily lists or product lists, are possible with the database.

The principle of measurement is a reflection measurement, with halogen light irradiated on the sample and the light reflected is evaluated.

This equipment can be also used as Spice Analyzer. You are able to check the spices and mixtures.


Because of the versatility of TQC analyzer it is possible to respond to any incorrect products and thus make production more reliable.