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Reliability of the production process with rapid quality check

Text MalzThe near infrared spectroscopy has evolved in recent years rapidly become an important and very useful method of analysis. Your special benefit is to provide rapid and cost-quality information on the identity and / or composition of substances to be analyzed. In many cases, these quality parameters by other analysis and measurement methods are difficult, lengthy and costly accessible and is ideal for rapid goods receipt controls in malt-producing and processing plants

For ease of implementation and evaluation of an analysis, several software packages have been included, which can be used in the operation also by persons who do not deal regularly with a PC.

With this system, within a few seconds (max. 20) achieved results. Thus, an effective inspection of incoming goods, and process control can be carried out and the user will be able to intervene if necessary.


For measurement, a corresponding amount of sample is sieved, then filled into a sample pan made of special glass and placed on the turntable of the meter.

In this case, the turntable rotates continuously, so that a large amount of sample is measured.

The results (z. B. moisture, extract protein, sol. N, beta-glucan, etc.) are shown on the monitor.

A further evaluation, such as daily or product lists is possible with the database.

The principle of measurement is a reflection measurement, with halogen light irradiated on the sample and the light reflected is evaluated.


The TQC analyzer is its versatility in a position in the entire course of production time to point the user to possibly faulty batches and thus make the production safer.